Power Plant and Transmission System Engineering and Construction Business

Power Plant and Transmission System Engineering and Construction Business has capabilities of developing power project ranging from conducting feasibility studies and technical reports, engineering and management of major projects throughout all stages from conception through to client’s acceptance of a commercially operation unit. In performing engineering services on those power plants, both small and large, we have gained extensive experience and world-wide technology. In addition, feedback from operation and maintenance of existing power plants is constantly analyzed, valued and incorporated in the engineering services.

Power Plant Operation and Maintenance Business

EGAT, a leader in the fully integrated power plant operation and maintenance business, is equipped with professional membersspecialized in using state-of-the-art equipment and technology and familiar with working under international standards.

Transmission System Maintenance Business

According to our unrivalled experience and expertise in the maintenance of high voltage transmission systems with the coverage across the country. EGAT is ready and more than welcome to provide transmission system operation and maintenance services to you. Our team members are capable and experienced, and we are well equipped with stateof-the-art equipment and technology.

Telecommunication Business

EGAT is a power utilities state enterprise which provides telecommunication network over optical fiber along power line. EGAT has provided telecommunication services since 2003. EGAT has obtained telecommunication license type 3 including IPLC from the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commissions (NBTC) on March 15, 2007.

Coal Combustion Products Business

EGAT has a policy to encourage the circular economy, recycling coal combustion products (CCPs) to get the most out of them.